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Swarovski ATS/STS-80mm HD Spotting Scope Body

Item# SWA234
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Details & Dimensions
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  • 80mm objective lens diameter
  • Extremely light, but sturdy light alloy housing
  • High-definition instruments for faithful color images
  • Rubberized armoring for shock absorption & noise reduction
  • Extremely short close-focusing down to 16 ft.
  • Watertight up to a depth of 13 ft.
  • Includes ocular lens cover and objective lens cover
  • Choice of straight or angled body
  • Eyepiece sold separately

What's Included?

Ocular Lens Cover, Objective Lens Cover

What's Not Included?

Tripod, Eyepiece (sold as body only), Camera Adapter


The ATS/STS 80 (HD) (High-Definition) observation telescopes set the highest standards among telescopes in this category. Even with the easy-to-handle, fully-rubberized armoring, the ATA/STS 80 (HD) are by far the lightest of the larger observation telescopes. Thanks to a recalculated optical system, they offer precise observation of detail, optimum edge-to-edge images, and almost 100% color fidelity with an extremely wide field of view, thereby achieving revolutionary image quality.


Product Advantages




  • New easy-to-clean external coating for lenses
    makes it considerably easier to clean the objective
    and ocular lenses. Thanks to improved cleaning, the
    lenses need less intensive attention to achieve
    maximum clarity. This considerably increases the
    longevity of optical products
  • Extremely high-quality optical system enables totally
    natural color reproduction and precision observation of
    detail, even when light conditions are poor
  • HD (High-Definition) instruments help to eradicate
    the slightest chromatic zonal aberrations and contributes
    to a more faithful color image



  • Very lightweight for ATS 80 (HD) of only 1300 g/45.9 oz
    (1350 g/47.6 oz) and for STS (HD) of only 1280 g/45.2 oz
    (1330 g/46.9 oz). By far the lightest of the larger
    observation telescopes



  • Extremely short close-focusing down to only 16 ft (5 m)
  • Easy-grip, ergonomically-positioned focusing ring with
    larger grooves for quick and precise focusing



  • Removable aid for quick target pick-up.
  • Integrated objective lens protection stops glare and
    diffused light as well as protecting against rain and snow.
  • Lock mechanism in ultimate extended position. Cannot
    move on its own and is silent to handle.
  • Automatic safeguard against accidental unscrewing of
    the eyepieces.
  • Full field of view, even for spectacle wearers, due to
    individually adjustable twist-in eyecups.
  • Fast and easy mounting on Swarovski tripods without additional
    plate (standardized foot). Also fits all tripods with 0.25- and
    0.375-inch threads.
  • Large and easy-to-operate focusing ring even with gloves on.
  • Easily-removable lens cap.
  • Compact and fits easily
    in hand-luggage.



  • Extremely light, but very sturdy light alloy housing.
  • The fully rubberized armoring for shock absorption and noise
    reduction is easy to handle even in cold weather.
  • Internal focusing for dust-proof and watertight qualities
    (up to a depth of 13 ft or 4 m).
  • Full objective lens protection and objective lens thread for
    screw-in filters.

About Swarovski Optik
A world leader in the manufacture of precision sports optics, Swarovski Optik was founded in 1949 and continues to build on its estabilished reputation for superior quality. Swarovski Optik binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, range finders, and image intensifier and optronic devices are the preferred choice of many professional users and discerning nature watchers around the globe.


The company's success is based on two key pillars: an unparalleled track record of blending technical innovation with functional and aesthetic design across its award-winning product range, and a core philosophy that embraces a deep respect and appreciation for nature. The latter is evidenced by Swarovski Optik's active support for nature protection projects and the implementation of environmentally sound production practices. Management recognized early on that the company's core product is in fact providing customers with the ability to enjoy remote natural wonders up close and personally. Headquartered in Absam, in the Austrian state of Tyrol, Swarovski Optik is part of the Swarovski Group and is present on five of the world's continents.


Dimensions & Specifications


Full Size Spotting Scopes






Angled , Straight


Yes Interchangeable Eyepiece



Objective Lens Diameter

80 mm

Close Focusing Distance

16 ft.

Length (in)

13.19 Inches

Spotting Scopes Series

Swarovski Spotting Scopes

Scope Type

Angled , Straight

Spotting Scope Size

Full Size


Download User Manual


You can clean high sensitive lens surfaces with the included special cloth made of micro-fibers. It is suitable for objective lens, ocular lens and eye-glasses. Please keep the cloth clean, as dirt can damage the lens surface. If the cloth gets dirty, it can be washed in luke-warm soapy water and air-dried. Please use it exclusively for cleaning lens surfaces!

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The Perfect Accessories

Customer Q & A

Q1: please tell me if I order the swarovski HD ATS80 & the 20-60XS eye piece, I get the lockable hard case. will I also get the eyepiece & spotting scopes original boxes? I want to order as soon as possible just want to get all details before I do. please respond as soon as you can, Thank you.

A: Yes, you will receive BOTH the hard case and the original boxes for the scope and eyepiece.

Q2: Is this spotting scope made in the us.

A: No, Swarovski products are made in Europe.

Q3: What are the advantages/disadvantages of and angled vs straight scope? Will both adapt to a cammera? Thank you.

A: Both angled-body and straight-body spotting scopes can take a camera. The angled scope allows for more comfortable viewing positions when the viewer is standing or sitting. The straight-body version works best when shooting from a rest or observing while lying prone.

Q4: Could you tell me what the letters STS, ATS and HD stand for with your scopes? Thank you. I'm trying to figure out the difference between your 80 mm scope, ATS-HD vs. ATS, and STS-HD and STS. Thank you . Mary Holland

A: Hi, Mary: STS stands for Straight SpotTing Scope, and ATS stands for Angled SpotTing Scope. HD is for High-Definition glass, which is MUCH better than standard glass.

Q5: Will the STS-80 mount to a Nikon SLR camera?

A: Yes, you can use a Nikon SLR camera with a Swarovski STS-80 scope. You'll need a Swarovski TLS800mm Camera Adapter, plus a T-ring for your Nikon camera. Here's the URL for the Swarovski TLS800; just paste it into your browser's address window: And here's the URL for the Zhumell version of the Nikon T-ring:

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