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Hunting Down the Perfect Riflescope

1. Rifle scopes use lenses to bring targets into close view, allowing for superior accuracy. They are available in several styles, some with high-tech features like range estimation, illuminated reticles, and long eye relief.

2. Red dot sights can be very helpful when tracking game. They reduce distortion, aid with depth perception, and allow for a larger field of view.

3. Riflescopes are available in nearly any size, power, and configuration imaginable. Coiling, size, and other factors will determine the kind of scope your rifle will need.

4. Night-vision rifle scopes use infrared thermal or ambient light technology to provide a clear view (and a clear shot) at night, even in cloudy weather.

5. A larger objective lens means more light is let into your riflescope, and your target can be seen more clearly in low light. Larger objective lenses have to be mounted higher on the gun, however, and this could mean awkward positioning while shooting.

6. The Burris rifle scopes are considered among the best around. We offer a wide selection of their scopes, in all sizes for use with all types of rifles.

7. A Leupold rifle scope is a great choice for professionals and enthusiasts. Their selection can't be topped when it comes to fixed-power scopes, prismatic scopes and European scopes.

8. Nikon is a name known far and wide for their cameras, but in all areas of optics, they are highly respected. Take a look at our selection of Nikon rifle scopesĀ and rangefinders if you are in the market for top-notch performance at a great price.

9. Bushnell rifle scopes span the price range of scopes, offering great quality at very reasonable prices in addition to high performance rifle scopes for the seasoned professional.

10. Our site features detailed descriptions of the optics used in each rifle scope brand offered. For further information, consult each manufacturer's website to help you make your decision. The wealth of information offered by Burris, Zeiss, Swarovski, and others will help you make informed decisions considering the technical nature of this product.