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Helpful Information About Binoculars

Learn About Binoculars

Binoculars Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some basic, but often-asked questions about binoculars

Binoculars Forum

Help Choosing Binoculars
Some useful information for buying your pair of binoculars

Astronomy Binoculars
Astronomy binoculars are up to the task of an endless nighttime sky

Binoculars 101 Video
If you're new to binoculars or could use a refresher course on binocular terms and features, then take a few minutes to watch these short videos.

Telescope Brands

Celestron Telescopes
Celestron telescopes have become the 'telescope of choice' among amateur astronomers

Celestron SkyScout Review
Let the Celestron SkyScout take you where you want to go

Celestron SkyAlign
Overview and instructions on using the Celestron technology, SkyAlign

Celestron SkyScout FAQ
Common questions about the Celestron SkyScout, Personal Planetarium

UHTC Coatings
Meade telescopes with UHTC coatings is an essential for the seriour astronomer

Meade High Precision Pointing
Meade's high precision pointing feature is a must for the astrophotographer

DSI Images with ETX 125
Images from space using Meade telescopes

Meade Telescopes
Meade remains one of the top telescope brands for amateur astronomers

Binocular Brands

Bushnell Trail Cameras
Never leave the woods alone with a Bushnell digital trail camera

Bushnell Permafocus Binoculars - AutoFocus Free
Your view is never askew with Bushnell Perma Focus Binoculars

Leupold Binoculars
Leupold has it covered with binoculars for any occasion

Leupold Binoculars at IWA Hunting Show Germany
A look at the history behind Leupold binoculars and rifle scopes

Nikon at IWA Hunting Show Nurnberg, Germany
Nikon optics demonstrate both quality and variety

Steiner at IWA Hunting Show - Nurnberg, Germany
Steiner binoculars have been recognized among the world leaders

Steiner Binoculars Factory Tour
Tested under duress, Steiner binoculars are built to withstand the harshest conditions

Schmidt & Bender Rifle Scopes - IWA Hunting Show
The Smith & Bender rifle scope has been called

Aimpoint Scope Mounts
A look at the originator of red-dot technology for rifle scopes

Barska Optics - IWA Hunting Show Germany
Barska products can magnify your optices experience

Swarovski - IWA Hunting Show Germany
A look at Swarovski Optiks, a world leader in the optics industry

Leica Binoculars - IWA Hunting Show Germany
Leica binoculars and spotting scopes are among the world leaders for performance and durability

Zeiss - IWA Hunting Show Germany
Zeiss continues its tradition as a leader in the optics industry

Learn About Night Vision

How Does Night Vision Work?
The science behind the night vision

Learn About Telescopes

Telescopes 101
Some helpful artices on mastering the basics of your telescope

How To Select Your First Telescope
A primer for the first-time telescope buyer

Magnification and Using Eyepieces
A look at the intricacies of the telescope

Using a Barlow Lens
A cost effective way to increase the magnification of your telescope eyepieces

Image Orientation - Why Is Everything Upside Down?
Explains why the world can look upside down through a telescope's eyepiece

Telescope Mounts
Smooth telescope viewing depends on a good tripod or mount

Star Parties - A Gathering of Telescopes
Star Party etiquette examined

Polar Alignment
Tips on adjusting your telescope for polar alignment

Adjusting Your Eyes To The Dark
Tips on improving your night vision

Telescope Eyepiece Formats
Looks at the importance of purchasing the correct eyepiece for your telescope

Computerized GOTO and GPS Telescopes
Let the stars come to you with a GPS or GoTo telescope

Got a Nice View?
A spotting scope can be a nice complementary tool with a telescope

Observing Our Closest Star
Observe these daylight safety rules when using your telescope

How Filters Can Better Your View
Enhance your star-gazing experience through the use of eyepiece filters

Using Binoculars for Astronomy
Astronomical binoculars give you another option beyond the telescope

What Can You See With a Telescope?
The heavens are endless and so are your observing options with a telescope

Astrophotography - Making the Connection
Tips on astrophotography

Can you see objects left behind on the moon?
Oh say can you see or why does the flag on the moon look like's It's waving

StarryNight Computer Connection
A look at Starry Night wireless controller

Fighting Dew
Prolong your telescope time by keeping dew from forming

Understanding Telescopes
Knowing how the telescope works will help in your purchasing decision


Restrictions pertaining to night vision, rifle scopes and therm scan products

About Spotting Scopes

Using Spotting Scopes vs Binoculars - Hunting
By itself or as a companion to binoculars, the spotting scope is an essential tool for the outdoorsman

Spotting Scopes vs Binoculars - Birding
A spottting scope can help eliminate missed bird watching opportunities in the field

About Binoculars

Comprehensive Glossary of Binocular Terms
A guide to some of the more common terms associated with binoculars

Field Glasses and Binoculars: Same, Yet Different
Technically the same, binoculars and field glasses have their differences

Kids and Bird Watching
Is it possible to keep them quiet? You might be surprised how smoothly bird watching with kids can be. Really, there's only one way to find out.

Best Price Guarantee

Binoculars Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee details

About Rangefinders

The Basics on Using a Rangefinder
Find your range, find your game with a rangerfinder

What is a Reticle Rangefinder?
Know your equipment like a reticle range finder and improve your results

About Microscopes

Main Types of Microscopes
Too much choice out there in terms of microscopes? This primer should bring things into focus.

Parts of the Microscope
You must understand the basic anatomy of the various kinds of microscopes in order to evaluate them and what you need.

How to Use a Microscope
Setting the stage and focusing in on how a microscope works

Microscope Magnification
What do those Microscope Numbers Mean?

Binoculars Buying Guides

Choosing Hunting Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Buying tips on selecting hunting binoculars that meet your needs

Choosing Bird Watching Binoculars: A Buying Guide
The need to knows before purchasing a pair of bird watching binoculars

Choosing Kids Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Let this kids binoculars buying guide introduce your child to a bigger world

Choosing Astronomy Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Shoot for the moon and beyond with these astronomy binoculars buying tips

Choosing Marine Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Steady the shopping waters with these marine binoculars buying tips

Choosing Travel Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Find your way to a great pair of travel binoculars through these buying tips

Choosing Long Distance Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Buying tips on selecting long distance binoculars that meet your needs

Choosing Military Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Buying tips on selecting military binoculars that meet your needs

Choosing Spectator Binoculars: A Buying Guide
Buying tips on selecting spectoator binoculars that meet your needs

Award Winning Binoculars

2010 Binocular Awards

2011 Binocular Awards 2011 Binoculars Award Winners

2012 Binocular Awards 2012 Binoculars Award Winners

2013 Binocular Awards
2013 Binoculars of the Year Awards from! Find the best optics of 2013 at

2014 Binocular Awards 2014 Binoculars Award Winners

Outdoor Activities

Essentials Items for an Autumn Hike
Before you head out for that beautiful autumn day hike be sure you have everything you need.

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