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Steiner 7x50 Commander XP GLOBAL Compass Binoculars

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Steiner 7x50 Commander XP GLOBAL Compass Binoculars


Target Group: 
The new Steiner Commander Global is the flagship of Steiner’s line of marine binoculars. It has all the performance and convenience features of the Commander XP Series, but with its digital compass it can travel the world providing precision navigation and reliable performance. It’s the ultimate marine binocular for use on the high seas around the world.


The compass automatically adjusts for magnetic declination eliminating the need to have up to four different models when circumnavigating the world. (On standard Commander XP models the compass modules have to be switched to accommodate magnetic declination, or you have to have one each for the 5 regions of the world).


Unique Feature/Benefits:


Digital Compass – The integrated electronic magnetic field measurement ensures precise readings, everywhere in the world from the Arctic Circle to the South Seas. Thanks to its digital technology, the bearing is extremely precise. Analogically superimposed on the lower edge of the image, the display is especially easy to read without disturbing the field of vision. The intuitive operation and the compensation for inclination angles make handling especially easy and reliable.


This model also has the reticle that can be use to determine distance to an object.


Common Features/Benefits


7x50 Advantage — The 7x magnification and larger 50mm objective is the standard for marine binoculars. It produces a wide field of view making it easy to track other boats, navigation buoys and bridge numbers even in rough water. The larger image also reduces the need for stabilized images.  The 50mm objective gathers a lot of light making it possible to see more detail in low light. You can even find your way into a harbor after dark to find a slip or moorage if there is some ambient light.


Diamond-Marine-Coating  & High Definition XP optics – Incorporates the finest index-matched glass and the new Diamond-Marine lens coatings for highest in its class light transmission and a remarkable brightness. The images are sharp edge to edge of the field of view. High-resolution images are guaranteed, even under the worst weather conditions, in poor light or at the onset of dusk.


Nano-Protection® - This is a hydrophobic or water resistant lens coating that causes moisture and water to sheet off the lenses. It protects the lenses from the abrasive effects of saltwater, dirt and oils.  In addition to ensuring a clear view under adverse conditions, lens cleaning is considerably easy because hard-to-remove dirt and fingerprints just wipe. The coatings are very durable and will last for years.


Memory-Ocular – A special ring on the ocular lenses make it easy to remember and return to your personal settings. Set the indicators to your setting on the Sport-Auto Focus and it’s easy to dial them in, even if someone else on the boat has been using them.


Floating Neck Strap – A high quality, floating strap is standard on all Commander XP binos. It provides enough buoyancy to keep the binos afloat if they are accidently dropped overboard.


ClicLoc Exchangeable Eyecups – The eyecups can be easily exchanged depending upon your personal preference or use. There are three styles of ClicLoc exchangeable eyecups:  the ergonomic eyecups (which come standard with every bino) that reduce incidental side light; the cylindrical style that is suitable for everyday use; and a low profile that is best for those wearing glasses or sunglasses that will maximize their field of view.


Floating Prism Lens System – The prisms have a “floating prism mount’ that fixes the prism in place with a durable, flexible silicon material. The binoculars can be dropped from a height of 6’ and the lens mount will absorb the shock without any damage. These binoculars will stand up to the hardest use and abuse you can put them through in a marine environment.


Steiner Sports Auto Focus System — Simple to use, even with one hand. Each ocular lens is focused individually for razor sharp images. Once adjusted to your eyes, everything will be sharp and clear from 20 yards to infinity. Allows one-hand use so you can keep a steady grip on the tiller or helm.


NBR Armoring — In a pitching boat there is a greater chance for optics to be bounced around, dropped or exposed to saltwater, UV rays, oils, fuels, sun tan lotion and other chemicals. The NBR armoring is formulated to be resistance to all the above. It also protects the chassis and lenses, reduces noise and provides a sure grip in wet weather and a comfortable one in heat or cold.


Rain Protection Cap — Standard equipment includes rain protection caps for the ocular lenses and objective lenses.


ClicLoc System — Sometimes a neck strap is just in the way. Attaching and removing the neck strap is a snap with the push-button release system. The locks are positioned so that the binos always hang straight and not at an angle.


Quality Carrying Case - A padded carrying case make it easy to safely store your binoculars when not in use.


Makrolon Housing — Only Steiner offers a polycarbonate chassis that is extremely durable, impervious to rust, oils, acids and all the abuse that years of hunting can bring. It will withstand 5 Gs of force and not crack or break.


Nitrogen Pressure System — Steiner uses a vacuum to remove all oxygen and moisture from the binocular then uses pressure to fill the lens barrels with nitrogen so the binocular will never fog up. Extreme temperature swings from freezing cold to desert heat will not cause condensation to form.


Waterproof to 30 ft. — The binoculars are built to withstand complete immersion to a depth of 30 ft.  Special sealing technologies make it possible. No dust, no dirt and no humidity can penetrate into the binoculars.

About Steiner
From its humble, post-WWII beginnings, Steiner has become one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality optics. Optics pioneer Karl Steiner established Steiner Optik GmbH in 1947, offering products from small cameras to binoculars and special lenses. As the company grew, it increasingly focused its production on professional high-quality binoculars. Steiner innovations include rubber armoring, the first binoculars ever with an integrated compass, the first binocular with special optical coating to protect against harmful UV radiation, the pocket-size binocular, and the new Predator lens coating to increase contrast of animals against wooded backgrounds.

Today, Karl Steiner's son Carl continues to strengthen and develop the company's position as a world leader in binocular production, utilizing the highest level of technology and setting high standards for future products with all binocular manufacturers. Steiner is located in Moorestown, N.J.

Supplier Sku:

Dimensions & Specifications


40 oz.


Full Size Binoculars

Eye Relief










Objective Lens Diameter


Field of View at 1000 Yards

392 ft.

Exit Pupil


Focus Type

Individual Focus

Close Focusing Distance

65.6 ft.

Binoculars Series

Steiner Marine Binoculars

Prism Type

Porro Prism Binoculars

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